Retaining Walls + Rockeries

We Transform Hills and Slopes into Beautiful Backdrops

Benefits of Retaining Walls

Everyone in our part of the world (and especially the Northwest) lives with some kind of slope. We level things out so we have some usable space where perhaps space is a premium. How we hold back the soil varies as much as the type of materials that can be used for each project.

Most of the time, style and price will dictate what materials to choose, however in our region, rock and concrete are generally the preferred choices. They are abundant and move economical than typically cast in place concrete. Generally what to use is in the same context of the overall site and overall purpose.

No Size Too Large, No Size Too Small

A common question we are often asked is what size of retaining wall we are able to build. The answer is any!  Whether you want a small rockery to accent a garden or a grand wall for hill or erosion control, we have the experience in getting the job done and recommending the correct materials.

Note that walls above a certain height do require permitting but is a standard process that we are happy to help perform.

Wall Materials Available

Bear Creek Landscaping has access to a wide variety of materials and we have extensive contacts with various local stone quarries and suppliers. Here’s a list of common retaining wall materials used:

  • Natural Boulders (from small to grand)
  • Brick (clay, concrete)
  • Poured Concrete
  • Rock

Proper Drainage

One of the most critical aspects of a retaining wall is proper drainage. At Bear Creek Landscapes, we are Northwest natives that understand a thing or two about rain and persistent wetness in soils. Mike has had decades of experience in drainage management and applies this knowledge to all of our work.