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Let Us Keep Your Yard Looking Beautiful Year Around

Fine gardening is truly an art, however ties into a nicely designed yard. A great garden has good intent, however to maintain it over time shows just how good it can look. A garden is never static, plants grow and ideas change.

Knowledge of local practices, plants and lawns are essential. Most of us haven’t had schooling in gardening and certainly inherit our yards. Our knowledge is basically that everything grows and we need to hack it back whether we like it or not.

We can help you understand your properties needs! From the gardens, lightning / sprinkler systems, drainage and hardscapes, we can help you keep your property looking its best.

Lawn care is much more than just mowing, it takes a plan and a variety of techniques and service to maintain a beautiful lawn. To preserve its beauty, health, and longevity, your landscape must be properly maintained.

Our maintenance programs can be set up as a set amount of money per month so you can manage your budget or can be set up by the need at a time and material arrangement. We do fertilizing, weeding, pruning, mulching, transplanting, mowing, blowing and seasonal cleanups.

We are very reasonably priced and you also get the benefit of slowly improving your property over time with Mike Clifford overseeing and directing the timing of everything as small extra jobs.

Our motto is no job too big and no job too small!

Lawn care maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping your lawn healthy, vibrant, and well-groomed. It involves a range of tasks, including regular mowing, gardening, and overall care to ensure the optimal health and appearance of your lawn.

  • Lawn maintenance involves the ongoing care and attention required to keep your lawn in top condition. It includes regular tasks such as mowing, edging, weeding, and pest control. By consistently maintaining your lawn, you can prevent overgrowth, maintain a neat appearance, and address any issues that may arise promptly.
  • Gardening within your lawn care routine adds aesthetic appeal and enhances the overall beauty of your outdoor space. It involves planting and tending to flowers, shrubs, and other ornamental plants. By carefully selecting and placing plants, you can create focal points, color schemes, and textures that complement the surrounding landscape. Gardening also provides opportunities for creativity and personalization, allowing you to design a unique and inviting environment.

Bear Creek Landscaping LLC is an Eastside landscape company offering terrific landscaping within your budget. We routinely have jobs in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Issaquah, Seattle, and as far away as the mountains and islands around the beautiful Puget Sound. 

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